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CCBC was founded in 1990.

The intention was to start a club that in a way would act as a trade school for bass fishing. CCBC holds a monthly tournament. Tournaments are generally a draw style format and points are awarded. A few times each year we have card system tournaments. Each January we hold a Classic Tournament for the top 10 yearly point leaders. Our annual year-end banquet is also in January.

To become a CCBC member a person must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Attend two of three consecutive regular club meetings.
  • Compete in two regular club tournaments, fishing with a club member.
  • Agree to abide by the club by-laws, all tournament rules, and all California DF&G regulations.
  • Be voted in by the membership on a closed ballot. Affirmation must be by a majority of the members and shall include the club's nominal membership fees and a nominal initial entrance fee. (both of which cover awards, prices and club incurred costs only)
  • Boaters must have the minimum insurance required by our Carrier.
  • Boaters who wish to fish with their own boats please note your boat must meet the following criteria:

To be considered a BOATER, the member’s boat must meet the following guidelines.

  1. The boat must meet all U.S. Coast Guard requirements.
  2. Member must carry the minimum required $300, 000 liability insurance as required by our insurance carrier.
  3. Boat must be a minimum of seventeen feet in length.
  4. Minimum of 115 horsepower motor.
  5. Must have a functional engine kill switch.
  6. Operational live well
  7. Operational bilge pump.
  8. Running/anchor lights.
  9. Bow-mount trolling motor.
  10. Front casting platform.  (NOTE:  Raised platform, which extends above the gunwales, is not allowed.)


  • Education
  • A great group of guys to fish with
  • Friendships
  • Competition

For more information regarding membership or attending a club meeting, please contact the webmaster using this link.

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Monthly Meeting Schedule

meets on the
first Tuesday of every month
at 7:00 PM

Legends Sports Bar
4050 Port Chicago Hwy.
Concord CA 94520

Located in the Diablo Creek Golf Course

MEMBER WEB BENEFITS (requires login to see)

  • Edit your own contact, login and password info
  • Download a contact list of all club members
  • FastBlast - subscribe or unsubscribe, allowing club announcements to be sent via an online form (great for getting last minute tournament info, or if one club member wants to find a partner to go fishing in between tournaments
  • Fishing Reports - enter , update, delete your own fishing reports for only members to see.
  • Fishing Stats - a log of ALL your tournament stats including, big fish, fish caught, total weight, standings, etc.
  • Back seat requests - use our on-line requests to hook-up with a partner (whether you are a boater or a non-boater)
  • Links - Add/Edit/Delete links

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